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Two Little Known Ways to Prevent Colds and Flu

It's been years since I've last experienced a cold or flu. Prior to that, I typically would experience at least a minor cold once a year or so, and though I would usually be able to recover from it within two-three days, I was never happy about the fatigue, aches and pains, coughs, and sneezing that were the hallmarks of my being ill. I attribute my ability to stay free of colds and flu for so many years, even in the midst of the cold, snowy winters where I live, when I am exposed to many friends and family members who get sick during that time, to a number of factors. But two of them have especially worked for me. I'm sharing them with you because they can work for you too.
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Health Tip of the Day

As with any other type of business, the quality of service offered by hospitals can vary. If you or one of your loved ones needs to go to a hospital for an operation, here' a tip that can help ensure that you get quality treatment. Before scheduling your operation, call all of the hospitals within 100 miles from your home and ask how many times the procedure you or your loved one needs has been performed there. Also ask how many times their surgeons have performed the operation. You want to select both a doctor and a hospital that have performed the operation many times, since research shows that the likelihood of a successful outcome increases in direct proportion to the number of operations performed.

Yesterday's Health Tip

Do you suffer from allergies? If so, here's a useful acupressure technique you can use to relieve an allergic reaction. (Acupressure is similar to acupuncture, and uses pressure applied by the fingertips instead of needles to stimulate healing.) As soon as you feel an allergic reaction coming on, use your thumb and index finger to apply pressure in the center of the webbing of your other hand, between your other thumb and index finger. Gradually increase the pressure you apply, angling towards the bone that connects your index finger. Apply constant pressure for at least two minutes while simultaneously taking slow, deep breaths. Then switch hands and repeat the process. Read more health tips...
What's Up With My High Triglycerides?
Simply put, triglycerides are a normally-occurring type of fat in your body. In fact, they are the most common type of body fat and are also present in your blood. Triglycerides are also the most prevalent form of fat found in foods. continued inside...

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