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Real foods to add (yes...add) to your diet to help you conquer the growling beast that is your stomach. Start Eating and Stop Bingeing - Part 2

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Organic, Genetically Modified or Grown with Chemicals?

The next time you are at a grocery store, here's a tip you can use to find out how the produce you're considering buying was grown: Look at the PLU code. The PLU code stands for Price Look Up number and is part of a coding system agreed upon by the Produce Marketing Association and the International Federation for Produce Coding to establish global standards for produce.
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Health Tip of the Day

If you suffer from psoriasis and safe and effective way to treat your problem is to apply aloe vera gel topically to the affected areas of your body. Numerous studies attest to aloe vera's effectiveness for treating psoriasis, including one study that showed aloe cures the condition over 83 percent of the time. Be sure to use a high quality brand of aloe vera, however, which you can usually find at your local health food store. The higher the concentration of aloe, the better. Also check to see if it is stabilized.

Yesterday's Health Tip

We've all heard the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But did you know that regularly eating apples may also reduce your risk of cancer. It's true. Red apples contain a wide variety of nutrients known as flavonoids and phenolic acids. These compounds are natural antioxidants that help to prevent and reverse free radical damage, a known cause of cancer. Additionally, apples also contain a wealth of other nutrients that promote good health. To get the most benefit from eating apples, be sure to select organically grown varieties and don't peel the skin. Read more health tips...
Non-Drug Treatments for Arthritis
I'm asked this question quite a lot in my medical practice. Yes, there are a number of non-drug options you can pursue to manage your arthritis, beginning with your diet. continued inside...

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